There are so many types of fire alarm systems installed today in premises that it is hard to keep up with them all and can be rather daunting for consumers to know what system they need. The first thing we recommend to a client is that they have a risk assessment carried out to determine the risk. It maybe that your insurance company has stated that they require you to have a certain category of fire alarm system installed for them to insure you. We all hope it won’t happen to us, but fires start every day and a fire alarm system acts as an early warning device protecting people and property.



There are several types of system on the market; non addressable and addressable, wired or wireless. We install all types of fire alarm equipment, but we recommend Advanced or Haes fire panels with Hochiki ancillary equipment as it is very reliable and adaptable to every situation.

Non addressable fire alarm systems are cheap and cheerful and are adequate for smaller buildings as it tells you where the fire has started using a zone indicator on the fire panel. The downside is that search times for the fire brigade are longer and it is harder to control false alarms.

Addressable fire alarm systems are far superior with more accurate zone indication as the panel can also display text e.g. ‘ground floor lounge’. Search time is cut down so the time to locate and deal with the fire is reduced. More measures can be put into place to address false alarms and it is easier to keep up with new legislation or add additional equipment, cutting down installation costs. Addressable systems are also able to incorporate wireless technology, so you can install detectors in areas you can’t get cables to.

This is why we fit addressable systems as standard. The cost differences are minimal now and if you ever need to expand due to an extension or a change of use then it costs you less in the long run.

Mendip Fire and Safety use open protocol systems, which means that any company can maintain or add to your system if you no longer require our services. Closed protocol systems are only serviceable by agents or manufacturers, cutting the ability to choose who you’d like to carry out your maintenance and sometimes making it hard to control your costs.

We install EDA radio fire alarm systems as they are reliable and they are ideal if you require temporary cover for an area, building site or if you have a listed building. They are quick to install and if you move premises you could take the system with you. You will require a site survey to be carried out to make sure the radio signals will link to every device and there is a small cost for this which will be reimbursed if you go ahead with the installation of the radio system.

There are still companies out there who charge the earth for an addressable fire alarm or lock you into a closed protocol system but Mendip Fire and Safety are not one of them. We are here to help you make the right choices and we are happy to give you some friendly, jargon-free advice or a no obligation quote.


2 year warranty on systems installed and maintained by Mendip Fire & Safety. Safe Contractor Accredited and Member of The Federation of Small Businesses & The Guild of Master Craftsmen.

Mendip Fire and Safety have a friendly, honest approach to our customers giving our help and knowledge freely

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“Stephen Wood is a very conscientious, he has been servicing our addressable alarm system since2012, he always turns up every six months without being prompted.

When we have had a fault error message on the fire alarm panel he has come out within an hour to assess and repair the fault, he even came out at short notice on New Year’s Eve as he always makes the safety of customers and staff paramount. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him and his services.”

Katherine Clarke , Administrative Director